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personal  training

We get it—starting your fitness journey can feel overwhelming, but we don't want that to stop you.

Come try out our personal trainers—they will get you fit, keep you consistent, and help you have fun!

Past injuries bothering you? No problem—our trainers have years of experience helping people train around injuries and experience pain relief and better joint function after their workouts.

Meet our

   Personal TrainerS

Personal Trainer Lord's Gym Oroville


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified in medical exercises

  • No-contact boxing lessons

  • Total body conditioning power workout

Getting people fit is Jack's passion.

Sign up for an intro session with Jack and start benefiting from his years of experience in training, boxing, and as a US Army Sergeant.

Don't let physical or medical limitations stop you—Jack specializes in effective training for people with medical needs.

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Share Your Story

Do you have a story that you would like to share about how personal trainers have impacted your overall health or inspired you to reach your fitness goals?


Contact us or go to the front desk and your story can be featured here.

Kent R.

Before starting personal training with Jack, I had a bit of a belly, shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate, and I didn’t think I would be able to exercise safely, ever. Jack helped me to safely work on my conditioning and strength by varying our workouts and monitoring my heart rate and blood oxygen multiple times per workout. The results are amazing! My belly is gone, and I’ve put on muscle even in those areas I never seemed to be able to bulk up on my own. Training with Jack is worth it no matter what you think you can or can’t do.

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