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My Weight Loss Journey

Starting a diet can be scary. You may be someone who has just recently put on a few extra pounds, or you could be like me and have struggled with your weight for years. I've been on diet after diet and was plagued with the “yo yo” effect of lose then gain, often gaining back more than I lost. In the beginning of 1989 I found myself weighing 425lbs and felt completely defeated, and was fooled by the notion that I was just meant to be fat. Then a friend said they were worried about me, worried I would die being at such an unhealthy size. I looked at a photograph of myself taken Christmas 1988 and thought “I want to lose the weight… I'm not happy this way.”

I researched a few diets and found our local hospital doing a monitored diet. It was an “all liquid fasting diet”, expensive but in 6 months I lost a stark 170lbs. Problem was, I wasn't taught to eat right, exercise and concentrate on my health not the scale. Within 5 years, I gained almost all of it back.

Fast forward to joining the Lord's Gym a couple years ago. I weighed nearly 400lbs and wanted to have a better quality of life. So I hired a pro-bodybuilder for an extensive 90 day diet and training regimen. I lost a little over 30lbs, but I was nowhere near satisfied. I wanted to lose more!

I then got in touch with a supplement company in Florida and was blessed that they wanted to see me succeed and were willing to help me with diet and training tips, as well as discounts on supplements to help me achieve my goals. I started at 362lbs in April 2016 and by November 2017, through hard work, diet and exercise, got down to 194lbs. It was tough, but worth every ounce of energy and money I put into it… I invested in my health!

So I know what it’s like to take on a weight loss journey and the fear that accompanies the challenge. However, I did it. Every day I looked towards my goal and set my eye on the finish line. I wasn't in the race to run, I was in the race to win. We don’t start something just to take part in it, we set goals to accomplish them. You can do this! You can start this weight loss challenge and finish it knowing you gave it your all.

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