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the Team

SEan Rivera

Sean is a perfectionist. He takes great pride in making the gym the best it can be. He believes members deserve to have a quality place to work out and reach their goals. He is married to an amazing woman, Aimee, and they have four children. 


"Our members deserve the best in equipment, cleanliness, gym atmosphere, and customer service. Serving our members is our top priority."



All gym staff are dedicated volunteers who give their time so that as much revenue as possible can go toward charity projects!

NAt Bradley
  Front Desk


At over 70 years old, "Natty" deserves a mention as our most senior volunteer. You will most likely meet him at the front desk! He enjoys meeting and connecting with our members.

OUR Founder

Derek Devine is a former Division 1 athlete and NFL football player with a passion for weight training. He founded the Lord's Gym because he wanted to create an affordable gym where people could accomplish their fitness goals and give back to their community.

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