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Personal Training

Let us help you reach your fitness goals.

At the Lord's Gym, our certified personal trainers are here to help you meet your fitness goals and get the most out of your gym experience. Our trainers are contracted and approved by the Lord's Gym, so you can be sure you're getting the best training from experienced professionals. Whatever your fitness goals may be, our personal trainers are here to help.

Meet our Trainers

Kristy Lopez.png

My name is Kristy, I’m 34 years old and am a competitive bikini bodybuilder with 12 years of personal training experience. I work with pregnancy, post postpartum, seniors, mobility, and weight loss. I love working with people and seeing the improvement In their lives. I would love to help with any personal goals you want to meet. I’m completely comfortable with working around injury’s and we can find something that fits you and your needs.


Kristy Lopez

(530) 370 - 4935
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I have been a personal trainer for 30 years. I am also certified in medical exercises. I am not taking any new clients but I'm available for orientations and answering any questions you may have pertaining to your workout -- no charge.

I am a "body conditioner", not a "body builder". My advice would be from that perspective. Years of observation have convinced me that is the best way to go. Bulking leads to problems. Leaning is better for your overall health.


Jack Weir

(530) 534 - 1249

Personal training FAQ

1. How do I sign up for personal Training?

You can directly contact one of our approved personal trainers for a consultation. 

2. How Much does personal training cost?

Personal Trainers are independant contracters who are approved to operate within the Lord's Gym. All services and pricing are determined by the Trainers, not by the Lord's Gym. Please contact a Trainer for pricing options.

3. Do I have to be a member of the Lord's Gym to get                   personal training?

Yes. Personal Training at the Lord's Gym is available to current Lord's Gym members only. Class pass holders or day pass participants are not eligible to receive personal training at the Lord's Gym.

4. What hours is personal training available at the gym?

There are no set hours for personal training at the gym, however if you have a membership option that does NOT include 24 hour access, all appointments must take place during staffed hours. All appointment scheduling should be done with your Trainer.

5. I have a Youth membership. can i get personal training?

Yes, a person with Youth Membership can get personal training. Please note that the personal training sessions for someone with a Youth Membership have to take place during staffed hours only.

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