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Alexandra's Story

Alexandra is a top-notch and loyal member of the Lord’s Gym. She has been consistently coming to the gym to work out almost every day since 2015. She is friendly, relentless, and driven; she also influenced her friends to start working out and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Alexandra is a local Orovillian. She loves hunting, wild game, and ice cream. She started coming to Lord’s Gym because she wanted to get in better shape to meet the demands of her career path. She loves coming to the gym because working out helps her to feel better and have more energy.

Working out has become her lifestyle. Some of the challenges she has had with working out were changing her diet from lots of junk food to mostly protein and veggies, as well as fitting workout time into her busy schedule. She found that having a workout buddy was very helpful to push past the discouragement that she faced at times.

Through consistency, healthy eating, discipline and hard work, Alexandra reached her fitness goals and is still keeping on moving forward. (She actually finished top three at the entrance exam on her physical test, and she did better than most guys.)

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

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