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General Workout Program

This program will flatten your waistline, help you lose weight, build strength, and tone muscles. Most people start seeing results in 10 to 14 days. Results will accelerate once the process begins. I have worked this program with scores of people over the last 25 years and they never failed to get results, "if they practiced the discipline".

Do not get caught up in diets; they never work in the long term. They deprive you of everyday enjoyment, and the effects of that kind of intervention are detrimental to the overall working of your metabolism and organs. Eating "habits" get lifetime results, diets only temporary.

Eat (within reason) anything you want, just eat less of it. Minimize white breads and pastries; if you don't crave them, cut them out completely.

Take 3/4 to 1 oz. of apple-cider vinegar (ACV), mixed in a juice, 3 times daily, about 30 minutes before your meal. ACV must have "the mother". It will so state on the front of the bottle.

Make breakfast your main meal. Include a little type "A" protein.

When eating, always make your "FIRST" bite whatever protein you are having.

Eat less. Stop when you are still a little bit hungry. It will take your body 7 to 10 days to adjust to this. It will then seem normal to you.

Keep a balance of all the food groups. Many studies I have read stress the importance of a little red meat in your meals (3 to 4 oz. daily).

Always work a full range of motion, muscle head to muscle head. Sequence your routines, changing primary to secondary and vice versa. Work all your muscle groups every day that you work out. Work as many muscle groups as you can simultaneously. Work the muscle groups on various planes. Vary your routines, do not follow the same sequencing each time you work out. Do not keep books.

Include cardio in your exercise regimen, at least 30 minutes a day. During this time, you need to operate at 75% to 90% of maximum heart rate (MHR). MHR is determined by subtracting your age from 220 then multiply by the percentage. Vary your exercises to move up & down within this range.

In your exercise regimen, include all the various types of exercise, mass and motion, resistance (bands-leverage-free weights), isometrics, fartlek. Vary your routine. Remember, if you want a body that performs well into old age, reps. are more important than the weight. Do sets, constantly increasing the weight, if you want to bulk. Do high reps and sequencing if you want strength and flexibility in everyday situations.

There are two types of trainers: body builders & body conditioners. My observations / experiences have convinced me to be a body conditioner. Body builders will take issue with many of these recommendations. I have no problem with that. Everyone should do whichever makes them happy. Workouts are to enjoy.



CPT-CME-ex Boxer-ex Army Sgt.

*Program should be tailored to fit each INDIVIDUAL'S needs. If you have medical issues, ALWAYS get your doctor’s approval before starting an exercise program.

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