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Defy the Odds

I am semi-retired and only work with a limited number of people. Being certified in medical exercises, many of my clients have medical issues. I wish I could share, in detail, some of their stories but confidentiality prohibits that. Some are truly inspiring individuals.

There are some individuals at our gym and others that I have worked with over the years, that have defied the odds and avoided diagnosed surgeries and joint replacements. They achieved this by employing a DEDICATED exercise routine to balance out muscle groups, strengthening bones and joints. I recommend that you talk to your doctor to see if you have that possibility before you elect for surgery.

Too many times people accept the aging process or physical impairments. DON'T!! You have it within yourself to live a quality life no matter what comes your way. You can always improve on any situation. You just have to get off your gluteus and try.



CPT/CIME ex-boxer,ex-Army Sgt.

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