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My wife keeps telling me that I should totally retire. I can't do that because it is so rewarding to be a small part of an organization like "Lords Gym" and see the positive influence it is having on so many lives.

Most of the clients I take have traveled many miles on life's highway and have varying degrees of medical issues. The HIPAA law precludes me from sharing many details, but here are a few examples that I have witnessed and can share in hopes that it may inspire others to make a commitment to improve their quality of life and that of those who love & care for them.

I have witnessed:

1) Cases of Parkinson's being dramatically slowed by committing to a vigorous, designed exercise regimen.

2) Several people diagnosed for joint replacement that were able to either a) avoid surgery b) have a minimal repair or c) have an easier surgery & a quicker recovery.

3) A moderate exercise program that lessens the effect of chemo.

4) Muscle definition and strength regained after chemo, accidents, or major illness, even with people in their 70's & 80's.

5) Body "builders" that have lost range of motion & dexterity regain same by a rigorous re-training regimen.

On #5, I have worked with a gentleman for approximately 6 months who has done a remarkable job of regaining dexterity, range of motion, endurance and usable strength. On our boxing routines his hand speed is 3 times what it was at the outset. Anyone can do this if they have the same mental toughness & commitment that Dennis has shown. Any trainer can only show you the path. You have to walk it.



PT, CME, Ex-Boxer, Ex- Army Sgt.

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