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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

It is a privilege to be a very small part of what is happening at The Lord’s Gym. The management and all their volunteers have a sincere commitment to providing a quality, affordable gym for the people of Oroville.

There is science to prove that keeping a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Many studies have shown that a good exercise regimen can slow down the aging process as well as slowing -- and in some cases reversing -- the effects of diseases such as Parkinson's, Dementia, and Alzheimer's.

Some people are more prone to certain diseases/maladies because of their genetics. From my own experience and from working with others that have traveled the same road, I can assure you that those who fight by getting on an exercise program have a much better chance of survival, and they enjoy a better quality of life, than those who "accept their fate."

Get to the gym TODAY. Enjoy the passion in life and avoid being the recipient of compassion.

IF you commit, you will get fit.


CPT&CME-Ex-Boxer-Ex-Army Sgt.

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