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Luke's Story

Luke has been a member of the Lord’s Gym since 2014. He won the Chico Bodybuilding Contest in 2015 while training at the Lord’s Gym. He always has a lot of positive energy and great attitude towards everyone at the gym. He also loves helping other people on their workout journey.

Luke’s passion for fitness and bodybuilding is shaped by several key life experiences he had. When Luke was young, he was always picked on because he was short. He got tired of it and started lifting weights. Over time, he became stronger, more confident, and stopped being picked on. He went to the Marines at age 22 for 3 years, where people took pride in fitness. He placed the second highest in Physical Fitness Training (3 miles run under 18 minutes; 80 sit ups in 2 minutes; 20 pull-ups; scored 296 out of 300!). His fitness journey also involved getting free from drugs about 8 years ago. He used weightlifting as a healthy way to keep himself occupied, change the way he looked, and release emotions.

Luke has been consistent in working out for about 7 years now. He is driven to work out, and he loves it. On his journey of fitness and bodybuilding, he received help from many good friends. He would like to give a special shout-out to Alisa Kress, Mel Roberts, and Ed White. Without these people, he would not be where he is at his fitness level or achieve his dream of winning bodybuilding shows. He would like to give back and show his gratitude by helping other guys to reach their goals.

One of the reasons Luke loves the Lord’s Gym is because part of the profits of Lord’s Gym goes to fund drug recovery programs. Luke himself got free from a 13 year long battle with drugs about eight years ago. He loves seeing people who struggle with addiction receive the help they need. Luke actually calls the Lord’s Gym his sanctuary.

It’s worth mentioning that Luke broke his back at work in 2004 (3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae). He was told that he would never be half as strong again. He decided to prove the doctors wrong. Now, thirteen years after the accident, he is stronger than he has ever been.

“You gotta believe in yourself, and have a good heart. Everyone can be a warrior, if you don’t quit when things get tough.”

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