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Steven's Story

Steven is a hard-working and consistent member of the gym who always has a great attitude. He has a very amazing, inspiring story to share.

Steven went through a head-on car collision in 2014, after which he had to use a walker and a cane. He was on more than a hundred narcos for the pain he was going through. His health was seriously deteriorating, and he struggled with a weight problem. He was in a place in life where he didn’t want to be, and he felt like giving up. His doctors advised him to get a gastric bypass, but instead he decided to start working out.

Steven started coming to the Lord’s Gym in January 2016. He worked hard with the help and encouragement of his personal trainer, and he monitored his diet based on macros. In less than two years, he has lost about 150lb! He loves the Lord's Gym because of the friendly staff and large selection of machines, and how all the profits of membership go back to the community.

Steven’s journey with working out was not all smooth and easy. In his drastic weight loss phase, he lost a lot of muscle mass and found it difficult to push the same weights. His injuries (with shoulder and knees in particular) also presented challenges to him. During the difficult plateau phase, he received good advice and found support from his personal trainer, the online athlete community, his strong faith, and the number 1 supporter in his life -- his wife. He learned to forget about the other guys in the gym, and to focus on himself and push harder. When he wanted to give up, he found motivation to keep going from the line written on the wall “I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line”.

Right now, Steven is happy and healthy, and he is almost off all medication! In his own words, working out has helped him to get his life back, and it is a night and day transformation. Steven is excited about and getting ready to transition to his next work-out goal - muscle building!

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