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Vera's Story

Vera is one of our friendliest members; she always smiles at the volunteers and loves to chat with us. She has been a dedicated and consistent member since she joined the Lord’s Gym in 2013. She is top notch and a real sweetheart, and we want to acknowledge and honor her.

Vera first started working out when she joined the army in 1996. However, due to leg injury, she left the army in 2009 and couldn't work out very much for about 4 years. In May of 2013, Vera joined the Lord’s Gym and started working out again. She attended her friend’s Sand Bag class, and ran the very first Lord’s Gym Mud Run in 2013. Vera loves the classes at the gym. She is now doing Sugih’s Boxing Class - she has been coming to this class for about two years now. In addition, Vera does classes with Jack Weir. When attending these classes, Vera feels motivated and confident. She feels very supported by her instructors, because they see the potential in her and do everything they can to help her. They also teach her how to modify exercises to accommodate her injuries, so that she can work out without worrying about pain or getting hurt.

Through working out, Vera feels healthy, strong and happy. Her goal is to stay healthy. She also loves helping people to get better and healthier, because she wants to give back all the help and support she received along the way. She loves the Lord’s Gym for the staff and volunteers who always cheer her up and make her feel welcomed. She also loves the personal trainers here at the gym as well, because they are like family to her and have helped her to reach her fitness goals. Her advice for people who are in the plateau phase is to keep going and ask for help, so that they can be successful in achieving their own fitness goals.

“Don’t say you can’t. You can do it.”

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