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Theresa's Story

Theresa started working out at the age of 64. She embarked on her fitness journey when she realized that in order to take care of her loved ones, she had to take care of herself too. Theresa came to the Lord’s Gym in November 2015. She wanted to lose weight for the purpose of being healthy. Knowing that she couldn’t do it just by herself, she worked closely with our personal trainer Sugih to get help and guidance. She was committed to Sugih’s workout program that was personalized for her. She also changed her diet from eating twice a day in large quantities to eating 4 to 5 times a day in moderate quantities.

In a matter of a year, Theresa lost 100lbs!

At the beginning, Theresa said it was difficult. For 2 to 3 months she did not see any noticeable changes. But she did not give up and was persistent. Her dedication, perseverance and radical changes in lifestyle (diet and exercise) were greatly rewarded. She also managed to keep the weight off and stay healthy. It is a lifestyle change to make healthier and moderate food choices.

Losing weight has benefitted Theresa’s life greatly. In the past, she couldn’t do many things. She had close friends who were active, but she couldn’t keep up with their activities. But now, she can do so many things. She feels more liberated, and life is so much more fun. She has more energy, her blood pressure and cholesterol level are cut down in half, and her bowling got better. She also noticed a mindset change -- when she sets her mind to something, she can just do it and believe in herself. She feels good about what she can accomplish.

The advice she has for people who also want to lose weight or make lifestyle changes is to not give up. Progress is slow, but it will come if people stay the course. It is easy to lose hope, but consistency and perseverance is the key to transformation.

Theresa likes the Lord’s Gym, especially the safe and clean environment as well as the encouraging staff, that makes her feel very comfortable working out here. Theresa would like to give a shout-out to her family and friends who have been encouraging and supportive on her journey, especially her husband who is her best friend. She also wants to give thanks to her personal trainer Sugih, who is the reason and driving force behind her spectacular change.

"I hope people see me 100lbs ago, and understand that anyone can do it! It is about living life in moderation."

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