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Kelly's Story

Kelly has been a loyal member of the Lord's Gym for more than three years. She is very persistent and consistent, and always courteous to the volunteers working at the gym. Through working out and changing her diet, Kelly has lost over 100lb, and we love to celebrate her progress!

Kelly became a member of the Lord’s Gym in April 2014. Before Kelly started working out, she would describe herself as overweight, depressed, and someone who had no energy and didn’t want to go out. She was going through a hard time and was diagnosed with depression in 2014, but taking antidepressants did not work for her. In addition, she was told that, unless she lost weight, she would have to have knee surgery for her arthritis. She didn’t want to have that surgery.

With great determination, Kelly started her journey of fitness. When Kelly started coming to the gym, she couldn’t run; however, she did not let it deter her from working out. She started on the elliptical and then moved on to running. She found out that working out is the best natural cure to depression! She also changed her diet from fast food, high carb and high fat to low calories, lots of proteins and veggies. One thing she likes about Lord’s Gym is that there are plenty of cardio machines, and there is always a machine available.

When she faced the difficult phase of plateauing in weight, she found consistency to be one of the biggest keys to her success. (She stuck to her diet even during the holidays!) She also found great motivation from the support and encouragement from her friends who had also lost weight.

Now, working out has become Kelly’s hobby and working hard has become her habit. Kelly is happier, has more energy and is eager to try new things. She can do a lot more, including hiking which was impossible for her in the past. Her fitness goal is to lose more weight and then start toning her muscles. She would like to finish a marathon one day.

If you see her at the gym, remember to give this amazing girl a high-five for her progress and accomplishment!

“If you’re not sweating, you’re not doing it right”

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